Bali Silver Pierce Information

Bali Silver piass Information
It is an introduction of lovely Pierce. It is actually smaller than the photograph published in here.
The design is combinations, and the ring type one etc. of the one, silver, and the stone of the type that is abundant and shakes.
However, the one made in Bali though the one of a gentle type to an allergic person recently has come out in Japan.
Attention earnestly because it is untouched silver. Moreover, there are neither one of obtaining, the part where it is made to hear directly is not symmetric, and a lot happen, and buy it, please after it confirms it.

yInformation of Bali Silverz
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ŸSilver Pierce Ÿ

₯1g $2.5 goods₯
‚`|‡@@3g ‚`|‡A@1.4g ‚`|‡B@3g ‚`|‡C@1.1g
‚`|‡D@6g ‚`|‡E@3g ‚`|‡F@6.4g ‚`|‡G@2g
‚`|‡H@4.2g ‚`|‡I@2.1g ‚`|‡J@2.8g ‚`|‡K@1.8g
‚`|‡L@2g ‚`|‡M@1.3g ‚`|‡N@2.4g ‚`|‡O@1.8g
‚`|‡P@1.5g ‚`|‡Q@4g ‚`|‡R@10g ‚`|‡S@3g
‚a|‡@@3g ‚a|‡A@3g ‚a|‡B@3g ‚a|‡C@3g
‚a|‡D@3g ‚a|‡E@3g ‚a|‡F@3g ‚a|‡G@3g
‚a|‡H@7g ‚a|‡I@9g ‚a|‡J@7g ‚a|‡K@8g
‚a|‡L@3g ‚a|‡M@3g ‚a|‡N@2.5g ‚a|‡O@3.5g
‚a|‡P@3g ‚a|‡Q@3g ‚a|‡R@5g ‚a|‡S@12g
‚b|‡@@11g ‚b|‡A@8g ‚b|‡B@10g

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