Bali Silver Pendant Top Information

Bali Silver pendant top
t is a top pendant introduction. Anyway, it is a lot. It is still popular pre-? also in Japan. Is it lovely a peculiar design, heart type to Totaip and Bali, and those couples of the key?
Because this top pendant can make the original one by applying it to the strap, the necklace and the cell phone strap that becomes complete might be also lovely.
Because the silver product here also varies in price depending on weight, it often confirms it.

yInformation of Bali Silverz
ŸBali Silver Information ŸSilver Bracelet
ŸSilver Ring ŸSilver Pendant Top
ŸSilver Necklace ŸSilver Cigarette Case
ŸSilver Pierce Ÿ

₯1g $2.5 goods₯
‚`|‡@@5g ‚`|‡A@5g ‚`|‡B@5g ‚`|‡C@6g
‚`|‡D@8g ‚`|‡E@6g ‚`|‡F@9g ‚`|‡G@6g
‚`|‡H@8g ‚`|‡I@3g ‚`|‡J@5g ‚`|‡K@10g
‚`|‡L@10g ‚`|‡M@33g ‚`|‡N@19g ‚`|‡O@15g
‚`|‡P@27g ‚`|‡Q@22g ‚`|‡R@3g ‚`|‡S@11g
‚a|‡@@4g ‚a|‡A@8g ‚a|‡B@8g ‚a|‡C@18g
‚a|‡D@17g ‚a|‡E@11g ‚a|‡F@10g ‚a|‡G@6g
‚a|‡H@36g ‚a|‡I@67g ‚a|‡J@67g ‚a|‡K@20g
‚a|‡L@17g ‚a|‡M@13g ‚a|‡N@19g ‚a|‡O@5g
‚a|‡P@4g ‚a|‡Q@4g ‚a|‡R@4g ‚a|‡S@4g
‚b|‡@@4g ‚b|‡A@37g ‚b|‡B@16g ‚b|‡C@8g
‚b|‡D@20g ‚b|‡E@20g ‚b|‡F@18g ‚b|‡G@12g
‚b|‡H@16g ‚b|‡I@16g ‚b|‡J@15g ‚b|‡K@11g
‚b|‡L@4g ‚b|‡M@4g ‚b|‡N@16g ‚b|‡O@10g
‚b|‡P@5g ‚b|‡Q@7g ‚b|‡R@11g ‚b|‡S@7g
‚c|‡@@6g ‚c|‡A@7g ‚c|‡B@6g ‚c|‡C@6g
‚c|‡D@13g ‚c|‡E@5g ‚c|‡F@9g ‚c|‡G@20g
‚c|‡H@18g ‚c|‡I@3g ‚c|‡J@16g ‚c|‡K@19g
‚c|‡L@33g ‚c|‡M@14g ‚c|‡N@15g ‚c|‡O@10g
‚c|‡P@8g ‚c|‡Q@8g ‚c|‡R@4g ‚c|‡S@5g
‚d|‡@@9g ‚d|‡A@9g ‚d|‡B@7g ‚d|‡C@14g
‚d|‡D@7g ‚d|‡E@7g ‚d|‡F@14g ‚d|‡G@10g
‚d|‡H@14g ‚d|‡I@10g ‚d|‡J@4g ‚d|‡K@19g
‚d|‡L@14g ‚d|‡M@6g ‚d|‡N@9g ‚d|‡O@20g
‚d|‡P@6g ‚d|‡Q@12g ‚d|‡R@6g ‚d|‡S@7g
‚e|‡@@6g ‚e|‡A@5g ‚e|‡B@6g ‚e|‡C@14g
‚e|‡D@6g ‚e|‡E@9g ‚e|‡F@6g ‚e|‡G@21g
‚e|‡H@14g ‚e|‡I@13g ‚e|‡J@14g ‚e|‡K@6g
‚e|‡L@14g ‚e|‡M@6g ‚e|‡N@8g ‚e|‡O@15g
‚e|‡P@11g ‚e|‡Q@8g ‚e|‡R@10g ‚e|‡S@9g
‚f|‡@@11g ‚f|‡A@7g ‚f|‡B@9g ‚f|‡C@10g
‚f|‡D@14g ‚f|‡E@11g ‚f|‡F@4g ‚f|‡G@7g
‚f|‡H@11g ‚f|‡I@21g ‚f|‡J@13g ‚f|‡K@12g
‚f|‡L@5g ‚f|‡M@10g ‚f|‡N@10g ‚f|‡O@7g
‚f|‡P@9g ‚f|‡Q@16g ‚f|‡R@8g ‚f|‡S@8g
‚g|‡@@7g ‚g|‡A@10g ‚g|‡B@4g ‚g|‡C@8g
‚g|‡D@3g ‚g|‡E@5g ‚g|‡F@5g ‚g|‡G@12g
‚g|‡H@11g ‚g|‡I@3g ‚g|‡J@9g ‚g|‡K@7g
‚g|‡L@19g ‚g|‡M@25g ‚g|‡N@23g ‚g|‡O@15g
‚g|‡P@4g ‚g|‡Q@7g ‚g|‡R@9g ‚g|‡S@6g
‚h|‡@@11g ‚h|‡A@11g ‚h|‡B@10g ‚h|‡C@7g
‚h|‡D@11g ‚h|‡E@9g ‚h|‡F@6g ‚h|‡G@15g
‚h|‡H@15g ‚h|‡I@14g ‚h|‡J@14g ‚h|‡K@14g
‚h|‡L@13g ‚h|‡M@13g ‚h|‡N@20g ‚h|‡O@14g
‚h|‡P@15g ‚h|‡Q@9g ‚h|‡R@8g ‚h|‡S@9g
‚i|‡@@10g ‚i|‡A@7g ‚i|‡B@8g ‚i|‡C@7g
‚i|‡D@11g ‚i|‡E@8g ‚i|‡F@16g ‚i|‡G@9g
‚i|‡H@10g ‚i|‡I@8g ‚i|‡J@25g ‚i|‡K@5g
‚i|‡L@5g ‚i|‡M@5g ‚i|‡N@4g ‚i|‡O@7g
‚i|‡P@17g ‚i|‡Q@9g ‚i|‡R@4g ‚i|‡S@6g
‚j|‡@@4g ‚j|‡A@12g ‚j|‡B@7g ‚j|‡C@4g
‚j|‡D@7g ‚j|‡E@11g ‚j|‡F@9g ‚j|‡G@8g
‚j|‡H@4g ‚j|‡I@6g ‚j|‡J@10g ‚j|‡K@14g
‚j|‡L@24g ‚j|‡M@10g ‚j|‡N@10g ‚j|‡O@3g
‚j|‡P@14g ‚j|‡Q@10g ‚j|‡R@8g ‚j|‡S@8g
‚k|‡@@7g ‚k|‡A@6g ‚k|‡B@8g ‚k|‡C@6g
‚k|‡D@22g ‚k|‡E@27g ‚k|‡F@8g ‚k|‡G@5g
‚k|‡H@10g ‚k|‡I@15g ‚k|‡J@5g ‚k|‡K@3g
‚k|‡L@10g ‚k|‡M@13g ‚k|‡N@13g ‚k|‡O@8g
‚k|‡P@6g ‚k|‡Q@7g ‚k|‡R@7g ‚k|‡S@6g
‚l|‡@@8g ‚l|‡A@9g ‚l|‡B@10g ‚l|‡C@12g
‚l|‡D@9g ‚l|‡E@8g ‚l|‡F@21g ‚l|‡G@26g
‚l|‡H@13g ‚l|‡I@11g ‚l|‡J@11g ‚l|‡K@10g
‚l|‡L@11g ‚l|‡M@7g ‚l|‡N@27g ‚l|‡O@15g
‚l|‡P@25g ‚l|‡Q@18g ‚l|‡R@17g ‚l|‡S@53g
‚m|‡@@30g ‚m|‡A@28g ‚m|‡B@23g ‚m|‡C@10g
‚m|‡D@13g ‚m|‡E@23g ‚m|‡F@12g ‚m|‡G@24g
‚m|‡H@58g ‚m|‡I@4g ‚m|‡J@6g

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