Bali Silver Ring

Bali Silver Ring
Here Shilbarring not collected in woman. From a simple design when it is Bali. .The one that the hibiscus seems to be carved and the one, etc. with lines d.
Because there is abundantly size, too it is light-hearted and inquiry in the staff. It is possible to make it from the order on 2?3 day when it is out of stock.
Because it is a silver product of the purity 92.5%, that is called "Sterling silver", it is usually safe also in use.
Is it good because the price changes depending on weight when buying it together with other necklaces and bracelets, etc. d.

yInformation of Bali Silverz
ŸBali Silver Information ŸSilver Bracelet
ŸSilver Ring ŸSilver Pendant Top
ŸSilver Necklace ŸSilver Cigarette Case
ŸSilver Pierce Ÿ

₯1g $2.5 goods₯
‚`|‡@@6.8g ‚`|‡A@7.4g ‚`|‡B@8.3g ‚`|‡C@5g
‚`|‡D@9.7g ‚`|‡E@4.8g ‚`|‡F@5g ‚`|‡G@5g
‚`|‡H@8g ‚`|‡I@5g ‚`|‡J@16g ‚`|‡K@4g
‚`|‡L@19g ‚`|‡M@29g ‚`|‡N@22g ‚`|‡O@11g
‚`|‡P@14g ‚`|‡Q@11g ‚`|‡R@10g ‚`|‡S@22g
‚a|‡@@12g ‚a|‡A@6g ‚a|‡B@8g ‚a|‡C@10g
‚a|‡D@10g ‚a|‡E@3g ‚a|‡F@10g ‚a|‡G@9g
‚a|‡H@7g ‚a|‡I@9g ‚a|‡J@7g ‚a|‡K@8g
‚a|‡L@14g ‚a|‡M@11g ‚a|‡N@6g ‚a|‡O@14g
‚a|‡P@7g ‚a|‡Q@7g ‚a|‡R@22g ‚a|‡S@7g
‚b|‡@@11g ‚b|‡A@8g ‚b|‡B@10g ‚b|‡C@9g
‚b|‡D@14g ‚b|‡E@11g ‚b|‡F@9g ‚b|‡G@11g
‚b|‡H@13g ‚b|‡I@6g ‚b|‡J@7g ‚b|‡K@9g
‚b|‡L@15g ‚b|‡M@11g ‚b|‡N@10g ‚b|‡O@5g
‚b|‡P@10g ‚b|‡Q@7g ‚b|‡R@7g ‚b|‡S@9g
‚c|‡@@6.8g ‚c|‡A@7.4g ‚c|‡B@8.3g ‚c|‡C@5g
‚c|‡D@10g ‚c|‡E@5g ‚c|‡F@16g ‚c|‡G@10g
‚c|‡H@8g ‚c|‡I@9g ‚c|‡J@13g D|‡K@13g
‚c|‡L@15g ‚c|‡M@3g ‚c|‡N@15g ‚c|‡O@5g
‚c|‡P@14g ‚c|‡Q@11g ‚c|‡R@10g ‚c|‡S@22g
‚d|‡@@11g ‚d|‡A@12g ‚d|‡B@8g ‚d|‡C@5g
‚d|‡D@4g ‚d|‡E@22g ‚d|‡F@9g ‚d|‡G@5g
‚d|‡H@9g ‚d|‡I@12g ‚d|‡J@10g ‚d|‡K@5g
‚d|‡L@13g ‚d|‡M@8g ‚d|‡N@10g ‚d|‡O@12g
‚d|‡P@5g ‚d|‡Q@19g ‚d|‡R@11g ‚d|‡S@11g
‚e|‡@@6g ‚e|‡A@3g ‚e|‡B@7g ‚e|‡C@9g
‚e|‡D@8g ‚e|‡E@8g ‚e|‡F@7g ‚e|‡G@9g
‚e|‡H@6g ‚e|‡I@7g ‚e|‡J@9g ‚e|‡K@7g
‚e|‡L@12g ‚e|‡M@16g ‚e|‡N@8g ‚e|‡O@10g
‚e|‡P@8g ‚e|‡Q@9g ‚e|‡R@10g ‚e|‡S@18g
‚f|‡@@8g ‚f|‡A@10g ‚f|‡B@13g ‚f|‡C@10g
‚f|‡D@9g ‚f|‡E@10g ‚f|‡F@8g ‚f|‡G@7g
‚f|‡H@10g ‚f|‡I@7g ‚f|‡J@6g ‚f|‡K@12g
‚f|‡L@14g ‚f|‡M@5g ‚f|‡N@9g ‚f|‡O@20g
‚f|‡P@10g ‚f|‡Q@14g ‚f|‡R@12g ‚f|‡S@14g
‚g|‡@@17g ‚g|‡A@9g ‚g|‡B@6g ‚g|‡C@7g
‚g|‡D@28g ‚g|‡E@34g ‚g|‡F@35g ‚g|‡G@50g
‚g|‡H@6g ‚g|‡I@6g ‚g|‡J@6g ‚g|‡K@9g
‚g|‡L@13g ‚g|‡M@10g ‚g|‡N@9g ‚g|‡O@8g
‚g|‡P@16g ‚g|‡Q@8g ‚g|‡R@7g ‚g|‡S@13g
‚h|‡@@13g ‚h|‡A@30g ‚h|‡B@7g ‚h|‡C@10g
‚h|‡D@6g ‚h|‡E@14g ‚h|‡F@12g ‚h|‡G@8g
‚h|‡H@15g ‚h|‡I@21g ‚h|‡J@17g

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