Bali Silver Bracelet

Bali Silver Bracelet
Thus, it is abundant in kind original of here and the bracelet. From a popular, thin bracelet to combinations with a skin glad to the woman. The size and weight are various.
Because the size of the bracelet is mended of course in the place, the souvenir is enough enough.
The order is and inquire collectively, please beforehand when you buy it a lot.

yInformation of Bali Silverz
ŸBali Silver Information ŸSilver Bracelet
ŸSilver Ring ŸSilver Pendant Top
ŸSilver Necklace ŸSilver Cigarette Case
ŸSilver Pierce Ÿ

₯1g $2.5 goods₯
‚`|‡@@28.5g ‚`|‡A@25g ‚`|‡B@13g ‚`|‡C@48g
‚`|‡D@52g ‚`|‡E@100g ‚`|‡F@100g ‚`|‡G@60g
‚`|‡H@45g ‚`|‡I@77g ‚`|‡J@41g ‚`|‡K@58g
‚`|‡L@62g ‚`|‡M@41g ‚`|‡N@36g ‚`|‡O@90g
‚`|‡P@22g ‚`|‡Q@30g ‚`|‡R@15g ‚`|‡S@14g
‚a|‡@@26g ‚a|‡A@21g ‚a|‡B@19g ‚a|‡C@5g
‚a|‡D@25g ‚a|‡E@50g ‚a|‡F@78g ‚a|‡G@37g
‚a|‡H@23g ‚a|‡I@25g ‚a|‡J@21g ‚a|‡K@20g
‚a|‡L@27g ‚a|‡M@30g ‚a|‡N@30g ‚a|‡O@22g
‚a|‡P@23g ‚a|‡Q@49g ‚a|‡R@13g ‚a|‡S@61g
‚b|‡@@36g ‚b|‡A@39g ‚b|‡B@75g ‚b|‡C@22g
‚b|‡D@51g ‚b|‡E@52g ‚b|‡F@22g ‚b|‡G@14g
‚b|‡H@61g ‚b|‡I@46g ‚b|‡J@41g ‚b|‡K@19g
‚b|‡L@30g ‚b|‡M@38g ‚b|‡N@94g ‚b|‡O@34g
‚b|‡P@60g ‚b|‡Q@35g ‚b|‡R@20g ‚b|‡S@17g
‚c|‡@@16g ‚c|‡A@20g ‚c|‡B@23g ‚c|‡C@50g
‚c|‡D@30g ‚c|‡E@50g ‚c|‡F@115g ‚c|‡G@34g
‚c|‡H@25g ‚c|‡I@25g ‚c|‡J@16g ‚c|‡K@32g
‚c|‡L@40g ‚c|‡M@47g ‚c|‡N@40g ‚c|‡O@53g
‚c|‡P@40g ‚c|‡Q@56g ‚c|‡R@24g ‚c|‡S@59g
‚d|‡@@97g ‚d|‡A@23g ‚d|‡B@93g ‚d|‡C@50g
‚d|‡D@52g ‚d|‡E@35g ‚d|‡F@20g ‚d|‡G@15g
‚d|‡H@15g ‚d|‡I@15g ‚d|‡J@37g ‚d|‡K@25g
‚d|‡L@30g ‚d|‡M@25g ‚d|‡N@32g ‚d|‡O@13g
‚d|‡P@41g ‚d|‡Q@23g ‚d|‡R@29g ‚d|‡S@80g
‚e|‡@@19g ‚e|‡A@23g ‚e|‡B@30g ‚e|‡C@22g

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